My passion for great skin care led me on a quest for all-natural products to help replenish and revitalize my skin. I was looking for a high-performance soap that would exfoliate and cleanse the skin while providing maximum moisture.

After years of research, I decided to develop my own All-natural skin care line focused on Cleansing, Rejuvenating, and Nourishing the skin. I learned where to source organic and locally owned ingredients and, over time, I developed a deep understanding of the best techniques in soap making and learned how to create products that provide maximum moisture promoting long-lasting results. I carefully crafted Body Love Artisan Soaps, LLC., to help enhance your daily skin care routine.

The benefits Body Love Artisan Soaps,LLC., are endless,

but some of the key benefits for your skin include:

Purifying • Hydrating • Enriching • Rebalancing • Renewing • Protecting

All of our products are made with Natural Ingredients.  Here at Body Love Artisan Soaps, we pride ourselves in making Skin Loving Soaps that provide great moisture retention, delightful lathers, and sudsy bubbles; without any of the commercial chemicals that are found in traditional manufactured Body Care Products.

Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter are just a few of the natural oils and butters that we use to make our soaps wonderful and unique. We also use high quality additions such as Clays, Botanicals and Silks and Milks to ensure that our products are Luxurious, these additions play a nice role in making each product different and unique, and kicking the soap up a notch.

Body Love Artisan Soaps can be used on a daily basis. Our products are crafted to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate the skin so you don’t have to worry about our soaps drying out your skin. If you do run into that, be sure to use our Whipped Soufflé Butter in your everyday regimen

Are you asking yourself why you should use Natural Soaps? 

With the many health issues we are dealing with today, its nice to find a product that uses on Natural Ingredients. Since our products don’t contain any chemicals, you get the feel that you are doing something good for your body.

Our mission:

to provide high quality skin care products that cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin.

Our vision:

to become a global all-natural skin care provider of high-end soaps, butters, and bath accessories.

Our core values:

Quality • Honesty & Integrity • Respect & Inclusion

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