How Soaps are Made…

There are two primary steps in making soaps:

Step 1:  A lye solution is needed to bind the oils and lye.  Combine our formulated oil base and lye solution. This solution is a basic mix of lye and any liquid of choice, such as water, milk, tea, or coffee. At Body Love Artisan Soaps, Aloe Vera Juice is our choice of liquid. When these ingredients are accurately mixed together a chemical reaction occurs, saponification. Once the mixture is saponified, it transforms into the desired substance, soap.

Step 2: After the base oils and liquids have been prepared, it’s time the fun part….adding the essences such as salts, powders, and clays.  All of which carry extra benefits that enrich the cleansing experience.  At Body Love Artisan Soaps, we use an impressive array of essences including: Pink Himalayan Salt, Activated Charcoal, Tusslah Silk, Rose Clay, French Clay and Kaolin Clay.  These all facilitate special variations that make our soaps special and unique!

Shelf life of soap: The shelf life of soap greatly depends on the ingredients that are in the soap. Here at BLAS we have done intensive research to come up with an oil and butter blend that will have a shelf life up to 1 year.

Soap Facts & Soap Care…

Is there lye in your soap?
No. The saponification process converts all fats, oils, and lye into soap and glycerin

Does your soap cure any common skin issues?
Legally Body Love Artisan Soaps is not allowed to make ANY medical claims. The FDA insures that is a practice does not take place. Although our products do not make any claims to help with medical conditions, our customers prefer our Natural Handmade soaps over commercial soaps because of the many benefits each of our specially chosen ingredients offer for the skin. Please take a look at the Ingredient Profile page to research what each ingredient brings into making a wonderful skin loving product.

How to Care for Your Soap:
Natural Soaps can dissolve faster than commercial soaps. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your soap bar, its highly recommended that you use a Soap Dish, place soap on soap dish after each use so that the soap will dry out before the next use. You can also use 2 soap dishes, and rotate them out every 2 weeks, this will allow the soap dish to dry out completely.

Order Processing & Returns

What’s the turnaround time for processed orders?

We strive to process all orders within 3-5 business days. There are occasions when we need additional time to fulfill orders. These include days following extraordinary sales/specials and after company holidays.

Custom Orders: Yes, we do work with individuals who request a Special Orders. We do ask for 3 months’ notice to get the Special order complete. Because it’s a special orders, supplies for your order will have to be ordered. Special orders do require a 50% nonrefundable deposit due on the date of order. Remainder will be due 1 week before pick up date.

Placing orders: Our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year at If you prefer to speak with a customer service agent, call us at (707) 372-4354.

Payment Methods: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. We do not accept personal checks Money Orders can be mailed to:

Body Love Soap

2635 Napa St #688

Vallejo, CA 94589

Handling Fee: All orders have a small handling fee of $5.95. This fee covers the cost of packing boxes, packing material, shipping labels and labor to prepare your shipment.

Refunds & Returns

We take pride in only offering products with unsurpassed quality. Since our products are used to produce cosmetics and ingredients must be verified unadulterated, we are unable to accept returns.

Where Can I Find Body Love Artisan Soaps? Currently you can find our products in Quenessentials Beauty Bar, 1612 Springs Road, Vallejo ca.

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